CSV Touch

CSV Touch is a straightforward application for importing and then reading CSV files on your iOS device. Compared to simply reading the CSV file as regular text using e.g. Excel or Numbers, CSV Touch is much more versatile with its dynamic sort & search, appearance customisations, and efficiency when handling thousands of items/rows.

Examples of databases which are a good match for CSV Touch are collector’s lists, dictionaries, and other types of reference data from applications like Filemaker, Excel, Numbers and other applications which can export to the CSV format.

Buy it on the AppStore today! And if you do, please write a review; it doesn’t matter if you like the app or not because as long as you’ve tried using it, I love to get your feedback!

If you want to test out the features before buying, you can download the free CSV Lite app. It is exactly the same app, except that it restricts the number of shown items per file to 150 items.